My Top Albums of 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post! 2016 has been an odd year for many but one thing is clear: we’ve been given some great music.

I will be taking the time today to rundown my favourite albums of 2016. I’m expecting the post to be quite weighty so I’ll include a “read more” link below.

5) ANTI  (Rihanna)

Late January of 2016 pop and RnB music royalty Rihanna released her highly anticipated eighth studio album “ANTI”. I was initially quite excited for this album due to the hype that had arose on twitter following it’s announcement and when it was finally released I was quick to download it.

The album as a whole is good and my two favourite tracks have to be “Kiss it Better”, “Work”, “Pose” and “Woo”. Following the release of the album I found myself listening nonstop to the album as a whole…however, that quickly faded and I haven’t gave it a full listen in a while as it can get quite tedious.

I will be giving this album 3 out of 5 stars

4) Starboy (The Weeknd)

I have to admit that I was at first shocked that I have included this album on my list, mainly because rap and hip-hop music aren’t what I usually opt to listen to. This album however has a smooth, relaxed sound which helped a lot when it came to revision and assignment writing (I like to listen to music when I work and this album worked perfectly).

The album, when played in its entirety, plays like a story with each song swiftly leading into the next like a musical jigsaw puzzle. I also loved how Lana Del Rey featured on the album as I have definitely missed her music this year.

I will be giving this album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

3) Eliza and The Bear (Eliza and The Bear)

The next album I will be discussing takes us away from the mainstream music scene and enters the indie genre (the past few years I have developed a new love for indie music and have been lucky enough to experience a number of indie gigs).

The self-titled debut indie-rock album quickly became a favourite of mine upon first listen, the band have a distinct sound but if I had to describe their sound I’d say it’s like Mumford and Sons if they bought a synthesiser.

Although the album was released in April I still find myself listening to it as it always sounds fresh with every play.

I will be giving this album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

2) Lady Wood (Tove Lo)

 Tove Lo is an artist whom I have recently discovered and quickly fell in love with her music. Her latest studio album “Lady Wood” (a word play on female sexuality and desire) is an incredible album that combines pop with hip-hop greatly.

Tove Lo released the short film “Fairy Dust” to accompany the first half of the album and tells the story of two lesbian lovers who tackle deceit, infidelity and mistrust. The film also tackles the often taboo subject of masturbation (the discussion of female masturbation is often ignored by the mainstream media but Tove Lo does a perfect job of going against this unwritten agreement).

My two favourite tracks on this album have got to be “True Disaster” and “Imaginary Friend” as I often find myself listening to them several times a day and never get bored.

Due to it’s artistic approach and excellent execution I will be giving this album 4 out of 5 stars.

1) Joanne (Lady Gaga)

My favourite album of this year has got to be the latest offering from Lady GagaGaga‘s highly anticipated fifth studio album “Joanne” is completely different to the artists previous works as this album contains influences from a variety of genres such as country and funk.

This album is definitely my favourite of Gaga‘s works due to it’s personal nature: the album is a tribute to her deceased auntie Joanne Germanotta and tackles with a variety of themes such as loss, depression, police brutality and rebirth.

As hard as it is to pick my favourite songs from this album have got to be: “Ayo”, “John Wayne”, “Dancin’ in Circles”, “Perfect Illusion” and “Grigio Girls”.

I will be giving this album 5 out of 5 stars.

Overall I believe this has been a great year for music and it was hard to pick albums for this list, that being said I am very excited to see where these artists do next and what 2017 will bring in terms of music.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!



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