The Chainsmokers – “Paris” – REVIEW

Good morning everyone! I’m back with yet another music review!

For today’s post I will be discussing “Paris”, the latest single by electro-pop duo The Chainsmokers.

The track is the duos first offering in which they provide all of the lead vocals.

The smooth electronic beat of the track gives the listener an element of familiarity that they have grown to except from The Chainsmokers.

However, the use of lyrics this time around are quite lazy and it seems like the pair are attempting to create another generic pop song in order to make a quick million.

That being said I do enjoy the track, it might not be my favourite of their tracks but it won’t be removed from my library anytime soon.

I’ll be giving this track a 2 out of 5 star rating as I know the pair can do better than this.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep jamming!!




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