That Poppy: “I’m Poppy” – REVIEW

Happy Valentine’s Day readers and welcome to MikeyMix! If you’re as single as I am then this Valentine’s Day meant only two things: the free six inch sub with the purchase of a large drink deal from SubWay AND the release of That Poppy‘s new track ‘I’m Poppy’.

If you don’t know about the enigmatic star That Poppy I have included a link to the analysis on her I wrote on my other blog here.

The track which is 3 minutes and 6 seconds in length showcases the highly electronic, auto-tuned style that we have come to expect from Poppy.

Alike all of the tracks Poppy has released, ‘I’m Poppy’ is a satirical piece: social media, advancement of technology and the tropes of being a pop star are all themes that Poppy is known for.

This track chooses to focus on the advancement of technology as throughout Poppy is inviting the listener (and an unseen robot “fan”) to her “future paradise”.

In true Poppy fashion the chorus of the track pokes fun at the lack of lyrical diversity (everyone is following a trend) within the music industry, this is because the chorus is simply Poppy spelling her name over and over again.

As simplistic and satirical as the track is I have to say that I love it! Ever since I first listened to it it’s been on repeat all morning, this could definitely be my favourite track from Poppy behind ‘Lowlife’.

I will be giving this track a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!




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