Artist of The Week: Week 2

Good evening readers, welcome to MikeyMix! This evening’s blog post will mark the return of a series that I almost retired: the “Artist of The Week” series.

This blog post will be dedicated to the latest recipient of the title: Cody Vavrik. I only discovered the music of Vavrik very recently but I have to say that one thing is clear, he has talent.

One thing that I immediately picked up on was his very distinct image, if I had to describe it I’d say: Miley Cyrus meets Natalia Kills with a dash of Lady Gaga and a sprinkle of Years and Years for added likability.

Vavrik‘s music style cannot be put into one box and that in my opinion is definitely a good thing. His two most popular tracks ‘F*CK YOU WANT’ and ‘Now You Know’ both showcase great genre versatility by combining electro-pop with soul to create a pleasant (almost psychedelic) experience for the listener.

His music videos are definitely something I haven’t seen before: being a devote Lady Gaga fan that is something that I don’t get to say often. His music video styles can easily be described as an acid trip in which we somehow ended up in a Japanese sex party.

Vavrik is definitely an artist to watch and a must listen if your a fan of musicians that aren’t afraid to think outside the box and experiment with styles.

I will embed the official music video for Vavrik‘s track ‘Now You Know’ below so do feel free to give it a watch.


Don’t forget to follow Vavrik on social media to keep up to date with his career:

Twitter – @CodyVavrik

Facebook – Cody Vavrik Music

Soundcloud – Cody-Vavrik

Instagram – CodyVavrik

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!



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