Calvin Harris: “Heatstroke” – REVIEW

Good afternoon readers! Welcome to MikeyMix, for today’s review we will be discussing the latest release from Scottish DJ and producer, Calvin Harris.

The track, entitled ‘Heatstroke’ which was released earlier today is a collaboration with Young ThugPharrell Williams and Ariana Grande.

One thing that I picked up on is the overuse of auto-tune (especially for the parts featuring Young Thug), the beat is okay but nothing special, there is a lot of competition on the market and this time I don’t believe Harris delivered.

I can see this track being well received by the general public and wouldn’t be surprised if it was classed as a “summer anthem” (it’ll definitely be given its fair share of airtime on the radio and in night clubs).

The only thing I like (and I use that term loosely) about this track is the vocals provided by Ariana Grande. This is because it’s nice to see this newer, chilled side to Grande. However, Grande‘s vocals do not save this track and I am very much underwhelmed: when I first saw it announced I was so excited but the overall execution did not live up to the hype.

I will be giving this track a disappointing 2 out of 5 star rating as I did not like it and just know that Harris can do so much better.

The track is available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on all streaming platforms: Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!




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