Twintwo – “Twinwho?” EP – REVIEW

Good evening readers…welcome to MikeyMix! Today’s blog post will be a review on ‘Twinwho?’, the sophomore EP by new and upcoming British rap-artist Robert Winterburn aka Twintwo.

As this is quite a long review I will include a “Read More” link below:

The nine track EP is the first big release of 2017 for Twintwo and is his first EP release since his 2016 debut EP ‘Mr Winterburn’.

The track list for the EP is as follows:

  1. Haven’t Changed
  2. This Year
  3. Pizza Girl
  4. I’d Be Better
  5. Not A Cool Guy
  6. Demons
  7. Time Flies
  8. Lethal (ft FMA, 12 Gage & DREADNOUGHT)
  9. Before You Leave

However, the press pre-release copy of the EP came with the following track list:

  1. Before You Leave
  2. Demons
  3. Haven’t Changed
  4. I’d Be Better
  5. Lethal (ft FMA, 12 Gage & DREADNOUGHT)
  6. Not A Cool Guy
  7. Pizza Girl
  8. This Year
  9. Time Flies

The EP opens with a soft piano which immediately gives the listener a tense feeling: the harsh bars provided by Twintwo add to this tense feeling as for the first time ever we are being shown a newer, more vulnerable side to Twintwo (an element which the more mainstream sounding ‘Mr Winterburn’ EP lacked). My only critique for the opening track would be the outro, this is because I would’ve preferred it if Twintwo had maintained the fast pace that was showcased throughout the track as opposed to the slower speech.

The darker element of the EP stays prominent in the second track ‘Demons’, I love how this track gives me Nicki Minaj as her alter-ego Roman Zolanski with a hint of Lady Gaga in ‘The Fame Monster’ era vibes. The bars also compliment the instrumental greatly and the track is just genuinely fun to listen to, that being said the vulnerable side is still here just disguised within the instrumental and vocals. However, if one pays close enough attention to the lyrics it’s clear this track is a comment on Winterburn/Twintwo‘s mental health.

From the moment the third track, ‘Haven’t Changed’, began I immediately feel like we are being taken to a futuristic dystopia and (if the EP is a big enough success) I can easily see this track being used in a film or television series. The official music video for the track compliments the dystopian vibes of the track greatly as we see Twintwo turning an abandoned warehouse into a stage. If you haven’t seen the video I’ll embed it below:


As we enter the middle of the EP we are given ‘I’d Be Better’, on the surface this track sounds quite happy (compared to the previous three tracks) but Twintwo has been clever and created a track that sounds like a mainstream radio-friendly rap song. However, once the lyrics have been inspected this autobiographical track discusses the inevitability of growing up and exposes the harsh reality of what it takes to break into the music business.  Out of all of the tracks on the EP this one does sound like something that could’ve been incorporated on the ‘Mr Winterburn’ EP, that being said it has definitely come along way since it’s demo: ‘Famous’.

The fifth track, ‘Lethal’, is Twintwo‘s first collaboration, the other rappers featured on this track are: DreadnoughtFMA and 12 Gage. I think it was an excellent idea for Twintwo to opt to collaborate with fellow up and coming rap artists because they can relate to his story: attempting to break into the music business and because of a shared personal experience the stories only compliment each other giving the track so much depth. This track is proof that when the “underdogs” get together they can easily give the Young Money crew some competition.

In order to give us a minute to catch our breaths from the intensity of ‘Lethal’ the sixth track of the EP is the toned down, smooth ‘Not A Cool Guy’. The self-depreciating track returns to the darker tones of the EP and although the chorus sounds quite uplifting the track as a whole is quite upsetting as the listeners are once again being shown a more vulnerable side to Twintwo, except this time Winterburn has been allowed back on the mic.

In true Twintwo style immediately after he’s made us cry he’s making us laugh: ‘Pizza Girl’ takes the seventh spot on the EP and the sarcastic sounding track talks about Winterburn‘s past relationship, lust for the pizza girl and his opinions on alcohol and drugs. The track is long enough that the listeners are given a story but it ends at just the right time to leave us wanting more, my request for Twintwo in the future is simple: tell us what happens next! What is the ‘Pizza Girl’ doing today?

As we come to the penultimate track of the EP, ‘This Year’, I think it would be safe to say that Twintwo is finishing on a high note and this track appears to be not only a reflection on the past year, but also a mental promise from Winterburn to Twintwo that no matter how long it takes to get there…they will make it.

‘Time Flies’ takes the final spot and I can definitely see why: the lyrics and instrumental both sound like the ending credits of a film. Twintwo uses this final track to once again reflect on his own life and career whilst once again offering commentary on the passage of time and how we all only have so many years on this earth.

Overall: I highly enjoyed this EP and I am proud both as a fan and a friend by how far Twintwo has come since his first release. If I had to pick a favourite track from the EP I wouldn’t be able to, so here’s my top three (in no particular order):

  1. Demons
  2. I’d Be Better
  3. Lethal (ft. Dreadnought, FMA & 12 Gage)

I will be giving this EP a respectable 4 out of 5 star rating as although I loved the EP there is always room for improvement: in particular some of the track productions such as the outro to ‘Before You Leave’ which could’ve been cleaner.

The ‘Twinwho?’ EP is available for preorder on iTunes and will be released on April 27th, it will also be available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!



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