About Me

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit MikeyMix (your new source for all things music!).

Incase you can’t work out I am Mikey, I’m a 20 year old journalism student from Liverpool (England) with a passion for all things music.

My love for music stemmed at a young age however at the time it was highly pop-dominated.

I hate to admit it but at the age of 3 my favourite artist and first celebrity crush was Emma Bunton! My love of pop music stayed with me until my early teens when the likes of RihannaKaty Perry and Lady Gaga were making a name for themselves in the business.

Alike many of us I have fond memories of terribly dancing around to ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Just Dance’ at school discos and (if I’m not mistaken) the first track I purchased via iTunes for my first iPod (shoutout to the first generation iPod touch!) was ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ by Flo Rida and David Guetta.

Recently however my music taste has evolved and I have discovered a love for a number of genres: although I am still a pop kid at heart I have a new appreciation of alternative music  (my favourite artists include: Melanie MartinezMarina and The DiamondsThe xxTove LoEliza and The Bear and ) and the classics (recently discovered I am quite the fan of the works of David Bowie).

This blog will be updated whenever I discover something noteworthy.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep jamming!!