Twintwo – “Twinwho?” EP – REVIEW

Good evening readers…welcome to MikeyMix! Today’s blog post will be a review on ‘Twinwho?’, the sophomore EP by new and upcoming British rap-artist Robert Winterburn aka Twintwo.

As this is quite a long review I will include a “Read More” link below:

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Party Nails – “Come Again” – REVIEW

Hello readers, welcome back to MikeyMix! I have recently discovered that one of my favourite upcoming artists Party Nails has released some new music ahead of the release of her upcoming EP ‘Come Again’.

The track we will be discussing tonight is the titular track of the EP, ‘Come Again’. Upon first glance the title of the track seems quite innocent however once you begin listening it’s clear that the track is a clever innuendo to sex.

“Come over, come again, come over, I’ll make you come again”

-Party Nails

I discovered the works of Elana Belle Carroll, aka Party Nails, a while ago and had the privilege of interviewing her for my other blog (link to that interview can be found here). I was delighted to discover that she had released new music under her new management deal with Killphonic.

The sound of the track stays true to who Party Nails is: experimental, pop-influenced and easy listening but I am also happy to hear how much she has progressed and matured as an artist. It is definitely clear that she has come a long way since the early days of her career.

Overall I will be giving this track 3 out of 5 stars as, although I can understand why, I did think some elements of the song were quite tedious and the overall beat of the track wasn’t the best I’ve heard.

That being said I am very excited to hear her new EP in full when it is released. I am proud to say that I have been a fan since the beginning of her career as she is soon going to be a huge name in the business.