Lady Gaga: “The Cure” – REVIEW

Good morning readers!! Welcome to MikeyMix, I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter as my weekend has certainly been a good one! I attended Insomnia60 Gaming Festival yesterday and it was such a fun experience (expect a juicy blog post to follow about that as A LOT happened and it was eye-opening….) and now following on from her performance at Coachella Music Festival last night my idol, Lady Gaga, has released a new track!!!

The track is entitled: ‘The Cure’ and it is a feel-good anthem created by Gaga and longtime collaborator and friend DJ White Shadow. The 3 minute 31 second track is exactly what the world needed: a bit of “old Gaga” (that’s not to say that I didn’t adore ‘Joanne’ because I did it’s one of my favourite albums ever made) – the track gives me some serious ‘The Fame’ vibes with a bit of ‘Fashion of His Love’ thrown in.

The beat of the track isn’t overproduced which means Gaga‘s vocals are free to excel (and trust me, they do!), personally I can see this track being a huge summer bop but it will definitely always remain a fan favourite because behind the feel-good sound the track has such a deep, deep message. A message which the world definitely needs right now.

Overall I’ll be giving this track a 4 out of 5 star rating: I’ve had this track on repeat all morning and I fall in love with it with every play, I’d say “welcome back Gaga” but this time she never left, she has once again proven that 2017 is HER year and personally I cannot wait to see her slay the stage in October during the ‘Joanne World Tour’.

‘The Cure’ is available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on all music streaming platforms: Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!




The Quest For Fame: The Impact of Reality Television in Music

Good afternoon readers, welcome to MikeyMix! For today’s blog post I am going to be showcasing something different: as part of my coursework for university I was required to create a two-minute video news piece on a topic of my choice, I chose the impact televised talent shows is having on musicians and entertainers.

I’m going to embed the video below as I am very happy with how it turned out (I’m far from the best editor in the world so just bare that in mind!), I hope you all enjoy watching it:

(Be sure to check out the social media pages of all my interviewees as they are all immensely talented and deserve the promo!)

I understand this is a very short blog post but rest assured I will be reviewing the new single by Halsey shortly after it’s release in the UK later tonight.

However, do let me know if you’d be interested in me potentially creating more videos (I’m very tempted to experiment with vlogging?).

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!


Grammys 2017: MikeyMix Lowdown

Good afternoon readers: welcome to MikeyMix! Last night in Los Angeles the greatest music stars in the world gathered for arguably the biggest night in the music calendar: ‘The Grammy Awards’!

I’m expecting this post to be quite a long one so I will include a “read more” link below:

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Lady Gaga: “John Wayne” – Music Video Review

Good evening everyone, welcome back to MikeyMix! On February 8th (the same day the first pre-sale tickets for the ‘Joanne World Tour’ were released) my all-time favourite artist Lady Gaga released the video for her track ‘John Wayne’.

The video was released without any prior advertisement and before being released on VEVO it was an Apple Music exclusive, thankfully I have a subscription.

When I saw that ‘John Wayne’ was the next song to be given a video I couldn’t contain the excitement, this is because the track is one of my favourites on the ‘Joanne’ album, the element of surprise aided the excitement because I was almost certain that the next instalment in the ‘Joanne’ story would be ‘A-Yo’.

The video takes begins directly where the video for ‘Million Reasons’ ended: a close-up of Gaga in a pink suit and matching cowboy hat playing guitar. However, unlike the ‘Million Reasons’ video as soon as Gaga says the iconic lyrics:

“It’s like, I just love a cowboy you know? I’m just like, I just, I know it’s bad. But I’m just like: can I just like, hang off the back of your horse and can you go a little faster!?”

-Lady Gaga (John Wayne monologue)

The video went completely “Gaga”, although the track is one of the shortest on the album the video definitely makes up for it: in an array of colour, leather and cowboys, Gaga and her lover take us on a journey to a place we haven’t been to since the ‘Born This Way’ era.

If I had to describe this video in five words I would have to say “Judas meets Yoü and I”.

As a veteran little monster this video brought back all kinds of memories are there are clear references to Gaga‘s past era’s within the video: the video even loosely references the track ‘Aura’ when Gaga kills her former self by shooting her with her heel.

If you haven’t seen the video yet I’ll link it below, personally I loved it and cannot wait to see the next instalment in the ‘Joanne’ story (I am hoping that ‘Dancin’ in Circles’ gets a video one day as it is my favourite from the album).


Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!



Lady Gaga: Super Bowl Halftime Show – REVIEW

Good evening readers! Welcome back to MikeyMix, if you’ve been on my blog for more than five minutes then it’s no surprise that I am a massive Lady Gaga fan.

When it was revealed late last year that she would be performing at the prestigious Super Bowl Halftime Show I was filled with excitement: after waiting nearly 10 years it was finally her time to take the world’s biggest stage.

During the run-up to the performance I gave each of Gaga‘s albums a fresh listen and provided fresh reviews, links to these posts can be found here: ‘The Fame’, ‘The Fame Monster’, ‘Born This Way’, ‘ARTPOP’ and ‘Joanne’.

The halftime show has been played by a number of musical legends over the years: Michael Jackson, Madonna, BeyoncéKaty Perry and Coldplay however, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t expecting Gaga to join the ranks because (all bias aside) she is a worthy performer.

Gaga took to the stage to perform a medley of her many hits from over the years, however she chose to open the performance with a cover of ‘God Bless America’ by Irving Berlin on the rooftop of the stadium.

Shortly after the cover Gaga subtly addressed the importance of unity before jumping off the roof via harness and landing on the stage to truly begin the show.

During the opening segment of the performance Gaga collaborated with Intel and showcased their light-up drones which created an arrangement of the American flag in the sky.

Gaga’s setlist for the show consisted of the following:

  1. God Bless America
  2. Dance in The Dark/Paparazzi/LoveGame (Instrumental Mashup)
  3. The Edge of Glory
  4. Poker Face
  5. Born This Way
  6. Telephone
  7. Just Dance
  8. Million Reasons
  9. Bad Romance

Contrary to popular rumour Gaga had no special guest performers during the performance as she said she wanted this performance to be a moment between her and the fans.

Throughout the performance Gaga wore a futuristic, metallic custom Versace playsuit with matching boots and “disco stick”. Gaga also opted to wear her famous blonde hair and her make-up (especially the eyes) complimented her outfit greatly.

However, before performing ‘Bad Romance’ Gaga had a quick costume change and returned to the stage rocking a Gaga-esque American football kit.

Overall I thought Gaga‘s performance was flawless: however, I do think it would’ve been nice to see a song from ‘ARTPOP’ performed.

That being said this was still one of the best performances Gaga has ever done and the reaction from critics, fans and spectators has been positive throughout.

For me personally the best part of the performance was seeing 10 years of Gaga put into a 13 minute show, it is safe to say I had goosebumps throughout and the memories came flooding back.

I also loved how this performance brought fans together in a way we haven’t seen in a long time and for that I am truly thankful to Gaga.

Shortly after the performance the celebrations didn’t stop as Gaga went on to announce the dates for her upcoming world tour ‘The Joanne World Tour’. The tour will be paying a visit to the UK this October.

One thing remains clear: whoever is given the honour of performing at the Super Bowl next year certainly has some big shoes to fill as Gaga has well and truly raised the bar with this performance.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!




Lady Gaga: A Reflection – DAY FIVE

Good morning readers! Welcome to the final post in the “Lady Gaga: A Reflection” series, todays post will be a discussion of Gaga‘s latest studio album ‘Joanne’.

The highly anticipated fifth album was released on October 21, during the production of the album Gaga worked closely with music producer Mark Ronson and the pair clearly worked well together as they have created something special.

‘Joanne’, which gets it’s name from Gaga‘s deceased aunt, has been described as “her [Gaga] most personal LP to date” and this is clearly reflected in the tracks.

Alike all of Gaga‘s previous releases ‘Joanne’ tackles with a number of themes, these include: grief, acceptance of death, balance, peace, police brutality, love amongst women, broken relationships, family and in true Gaga fashion female masturbation.

When Gaga announced the release of the lead single for the album, ‘Perfect Illusion, I couldn’t contain the excitement. I was delighted that after three years my favourite artist was once again releasing pop music.

Shortly before the release of the track, Gaga released a 30 second snippet of the opening instrumental and I’d be lying if I said I never played it over a hundred times as it was just that good.

When ‘Perfect Illusion’ was finally released (September 9) after my first listen I had to take a moment to assess and reflect upon what I had just heard: to say that I was in love with Gaga‘s new sound would be an understatement, I couldn’t help but think “she’s back…my girl is back”.

When the album as a whole was released I waited until the clock struck midnight and immediately began the story of ‘Joanne’: I ensured there were no distractions, just me and the music.

One thing that immediately hit me where the clear country and funk influences but this new vibe did nothing but compliment Gaga‘s vocals. It’s worth noting that during my first play through of the album I gave into temptation and played ‘Diamond Heart’, ‘John Wayne’, ‘Dancin’ in Circles’ and ‘Grigio Girls’ more than once as they were perfect tracks.

Incase the above paragraph doesn’t make it clear, my favourite songs on the album are:

  • Diamond Heart
  • A-Yo
  • John Wayne
  • Dancin’ in Circles
  • Perfect Illusion
  • Hey Girl (feat. Florence Welch)
  • Angel Down
  • Grigio Girls
  • Angel Down (Work Tape)

This album was my favourite of all the albums released in 2016 and it may definitely be my favourite Gaga album as I feel as listeners we are seeing a fresher, more vulnerable side to Gaga and it truly is beautiful.

Although it began in October, I feel the ‘Joanne’ era is still getting started: we still have lots of singles to look forward to, many videos on the way, a tour and of course the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Now that we have come to the end of the “Lady Gaga: A Reflection” series, I just want to take the time to thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Before writing these posts I had no idea how much one woman has shaped my life and me as a person, something I didn’t expect is that these posts wouldn’t just have acted as reflection of Gaga and her music but also as a reflection of my own life.

Over the past five days I have returned to places I never thought I’d return, I have rediscovered things about myself that I thought I had lost and I have the music of Lady Gaga to thank for that.

Tomorrow Gaga will take music’s biggest stage and I can’t wait to share this moment with my fellow little monsters all around the world.

If you haven’t read the previous posts from this series I’ll link them here: ‘The Fame’, ‘The Fame Monster’, ‘Born This Way’ and ‘ARTPOP’

I’ll now leave you with one final quote from Gaga when she closed the Roseland Ballroom in New York:

“Let’s celebrate our unity…WE’RE FOREVER, YOU AND ME!”

-Lady Gaga

Until next time…stay safe, be happy and keep on jamming!!



Lady Gaga: A Reflection – Day Four

Hello readers, welcome back to MikeyMix! We are now on the penultimate blog post of the “Lady Gaga: A Reflection” series and this of course means we will be discussing ‘ARTPOP’, Gaga‘s fourth studio album.

Alike previously if you’re yet to read my previous blog posts I’ll link them here: ‘The Fame’, ‘The Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way’.

Many critics would argue that this is Gaga‘s weakest album and although it didn’t do well in the charts I have to admit that I loved it. When I had the privilege of seeing Gaga perform live in Manchester as part of her ‘artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball’ tour I felt amazing to discover that Gaga “felt a special bond with those who liked ARTPOP”.

The highly electronic album was released in 2013 and although the songs were heavy the music was deep: fans were once again being shown a deeper, vulnerable side to Gaga. The album opener ‘Aura’ represents Gaga removing all the makeup, wigs and eccentric costumes and re-introducing us to Stefani, the girl with a dream.

One thing I remember most about this era is how long the wait for the album was: of course this was due to Gaga taking some time off from music due to undergoing a hip replacement.

But when it was finally released I couldn’t stop listening to it in full! This album will always hold a special place in my heart as it was this era that I finally began to show people (other than a select few) that I was a devote little monster.

Before the release of ‘ARTPOP’ only a few of my friends knew of the intensity of my obsession with Gaga, upon hearing ‘Aura’ (when it leaked in summer) I finally felt ready to let the world know that the artist some consider a “freak” was my idol (some would say that this is a really small thing but for me it was big).

My favourite tracks on ‘ARTPOP’ are (in no particular order) as follows:

  • Aura
  • Venus
  • G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)
  • Sexxx Dreams
  • Donatella
  • Mary Jane Holland
  • Gypsy
  • Applause

Ending note: My wish for ‘ARTPOP’ is that it one day receives the recognition it deserves, what many don’t know is that during the ‘ARTPOP’ era Gaga was abandoned by her manager and almost quit music.

What confuses me most of all though is how two to three years after it’s release the themes that ‘ARTPOP’ possessed (the art of rebellion within the music industry) were suddenly in style: I would even go as far to say that Justin Bieber‘s ‘Purpose’ album could be considered his version of ‘ARTPOP’.

Until next time: stay safe, be happy and keep jamming!